Best 5 Healthy Low Fat Dog Treats For Pancreatitis

Low Fat Dog Treats For Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis in dogs is a medical condition that pet owners must be informed about before it strikes. But, before we look into the best low fat dog treats for pancreatitis, let’s explain (briefly) some of the functions of this small but vital organ. IMAGE PRODUCT Best Overall Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dog Treats Fat:7.5% … Read more

10 Most Delicious Peanut Butter Dog Treats In 2020

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Dogs love peanut butter treats; there’s no secret there. For some reason, it’s a really yummy treat for them. But we should be aware that the majority of peanut butter products contain a No-No ingredient called Xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener; it’s safe for people but quite toxic to dogs. Just a small amount … Read more

Top-Rated Best Dog Food For Bulldogs (2020 Review)

best dog food for bulldogs

When choosing the best dog food for bulldogs, it’s essential to keep in mind that bulldogs have a sensitive digestive system. Bulldogs are prone to specific health issues; this gentle and peaceful breed of dogs are not spared from allergies and flatulence. Luckily, all these health problems can be easily avoided with proper nutrition. Best … Read more

Best 10 Healthiest Dry Dog Food For Small Dogs

dog food for small dogs

Premium dog food for small dogs offer much more than the basic meat and grain. They draw on the nutrients produced by fruits and vegetables, and are fortified with vitamins, beta carotene, amino acids, and probiotics, resulting in higher absorption rates of vitamins and minerals. Due to their fast metabolic rate, small breeds require more calories … Read more