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Keeshond Lifespan: How Long do Keeshonds live?

Welcome back to where you learn about your dog’s health. In the dog lifespan series, today, let me bring you this little-known dog breeds: keeshond.

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What Is A Keeshond?

Keeshond is a fox-like face dog which is handsome and fluffy looking. It is an old and double coated breed. In a double coat, the inner coat is woolly while the outer coat acts as guard coat. The undercoat is pale grey in color while the outer coat has hair of grey to black shade. Keeshonds have the ability to shed their undercoat twice a year. The shedding period takes up to 3 weeks.

Keeshonds are very friendly dogs. They love to participate in family activities. You should take them in your apartment but they have a tendency to bark. Sometimes, this nature can irritate the other neighbors. Moreover, they do not need any special training to act as an alert watchdog.

How Long Do Keeshonds Live?

The Keeshond average lifespan is 12-15 years. They are very prone to many diseases that can reduce the life expectancy of Keeshonds. Many health issues are the main cause of early death of your Keeshond. So, if you provide proper care to your keeshond, it is possible that he or she reaches the average lifespan or more than it.

Common Health Problems That Reduce Keeshond lifespan

There are 5 common issues that you can expect for you Keeshonds. Read them in more detail below.

Dental problems:

Dental problems are more common in young dogs. Keeshonds can easily develop dental diseases that affect their lifespan. It begins with the tartar build up on teeth and leads to gum infections. If your Keeshond loses his/her teeth, there is a danger of damaging liver, kidney and joints.

Hip dysplasia:

Hip dysplasia is an inherited disease in which Keeshond’s thigh bone does not properly fit in the hip joint. Some of the dogs show pain while others do not show the signs of discomfort. With age, Keeshonds may develop arthritis which is due to hip dysplasia.

Did you know? The other dog breed that are prone to hip dysplasia is French Bulldog and Westie.

Diabetes mellitus:

Keeshonds are prone to diabetes mellitus in which the dog’s body cannot regulate the blood sugar level. Glucose is required by the cells to burn the calories. Insulin plays an important role because it helps the glucose to enter into the cells. A diabetic dog feels hungry and eats more food. But in this case, the dog loses the weight because his body cannot utilize it properly.

The common symptoms of diabetes mellitus in Keeshond are:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased thirst
  • Excessive urination
  • Increased appetite

Eye diseases:

There are many eye diseases in Keeshonds. These are inherited diseases that can cause pain when not treated on time.

Glaucoma is an eye disease in Keeshonds that is extremely painful. If Glaucoma is not treated properly, these symptoms get severe in your Keeshonds. It can also lead to eye blindness.

The symptoms of glaucoma are:

  • Redness in white part of eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Bluing of cornea

 So, there is glaucoma screening available for its early diagnosis.

Cataracts is another eye disease that causes blindness in Keeshonds. The lens of the eye becomes more opaque or cloudy instead of clear. The only treatment is surgery available for the treatment of cataracts.

Distichiasis is the eye disease that is recognized by extra hair growth inside of the eyelid. Keeshonds can develop this painful disease. If this condition is not treated, it leads to corneal ulcer and chronic eye pain.


It is a common bone cancer in dogs. It usually affects middle aged, large dogs like your keeshonds. Symptoms can be lameness and leg pain. The tumor is very aggressive and painful. If you notice that your keeshond is limping, it is the right time to take him to the veterinarian.

Tips To Help Your Keeshonds Live Longer

Shedding and grooming:

You should brush your dog’s coat once a week. Use a pin brush that can minimize the shedding and keep your dog’s coat healthy. Bathing should also help to keep your Keeshond’s coat healthy and clean. Their thick coats trap a lot of debris, so bathing and brushing are important for them.


Keeshonds are a very energetic breed and don’t require a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Moderate daily exercise can keep them healthy. Your dog’s activity needs can be fulfilled by a morning walk or jogging. Keeshonds are family dogs and cannot go far away from their homes. You can also spend playtime with them in your backyard.

Regular checkups:

Keeshond needs veterinarian visits for regular checkups. As elbow and hip dysplasia are very common in keeshonds, it can be screened by X rays. Other problems can be diabetes, hypothyroidism and eye disease that can be dangerous for your dog’s health. Veterinarians should help to early diagnosis these problems and start proper treatment of your Keeshond.

Brushing your Keeshond’s teeth:

It is essential to brush your Keeshond’s teeth 3 to 4 times a week. Regular brushing can remove the tartar buildup on the teeth and also bacteria that causes infection. Brushing is also important if you want to prevent your dog from gum diseases.

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Trim nails and clean Keeshond’s ears:

You should trim your Keeshond’s nail once a month. Trimming of nails is necessary for his good health. Moreover, his ears should be checked weekly for redness, infection or any bad odor. When you check your dog’s ears, you should wipe them out with a gentle ear cleaner. It can prevent your dog from infections.

It is noted that you should not insert anything into the ear canal, it can cause damage. Just clean the outer layer of the ears.

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Final Words on Keeshonds Life Expectancy

Keeshonds are the family pets that get easily attached with their family members. They are playful and good-natured pets. The Keeshond’s average life expectancy is 12-15 years. They are very prone to disease, so proper care is necessary for them. You should regularly visit the veterinarian for the checkup of your dog. Early diagnosis of the disease can help to treat the Keeshond on time. Otherwise, there is a risk of early death of your beloved Keeshond. Regular exercise, healthy food and grooming play a key role to keep your dog healthy. Moreover, proper care and affection can also help your Keeshond to live a happy life.

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