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Best Dog Cooling Mats And Pads In 2020

Summer is in full swing and with it comes sizzling temperatures, which can be dangerous for our pets.

Dogs cool down mainly through panting. They’re not able to cool down as effectively as humans and are at risk of heat exhaustion or stress, which is deadly, and organ damage (including brain damage) may occur quickly.

Luckily, A dog cooling mat keeps your pet cool and comfortable during hot summer days, it absorbs body heat and provides your dog with a nice place to lay down and sleep.

do dog cooling pads really work

Yes, This innovative dog cooling pads uses a non-toxic gel formulation for heat absorption and body temperature reduction. It’s the ideal solution to keep your dog cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

Best Dog Cooling Pads In 2020

In order to find the best dog cooling pads, we reviewed hundreds of different cooling mats and pads for dogs. We examined the material and the cooling characteristics of the mats, in conjunction with the online reviews, weight limits and durability.

The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Dog Pad

The Green Pet Shop Extra Large Dog Cooling Mat

  • Uses a non-toxic gel formula to absorb body heat
  • Pressure activated self cooling pad
  • Automatically recharges itsel

Dog Cool Pad from The Green Pet Shop helps cool your dog down quickly with its pressure activated Self-Cooling Pet Pad. The cooling effect starts as soon as the paws of your pet hit the mat, so you don’t have to plug it in or place it overnight in the refrigerator. 

The proprietary gel formula automatically reloads after 15 minutes of non-use which makes it good for travel. The Green Pet Shop cooling mat starts working immediately and provides instant relief for older or medically-conditioned pets, especially those with hip dysplasia.

Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs

Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs - Pressure Activated Gel

  • Lightweight, portable, and puncture resistant material
  • Perfect for use indoors, outdoors, and on the go.
  • keeps your pet cool and comfy

Chillz dog cooling pad keeps your pets cool and relaxed with pressurized gel technology that offers relief from the heat and joint pain.  The lightweight and portable design allow air to cool and recharge the cooling mat when not in use. 

Chillz cooling mat for dogs doesn’t require any electricity to maintain a cold surface; the innovative design allows air to cool and recharge the cooling mat when not in use.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your children’s and pet’s safety, Chillz Cooling pad is made of 100% non-toxic material, which makes it safe for pets, children and the environment.

PETPLUS Dog Cooling Mat

PETPLUS Dog Cooling Mat, Pet Cooling Pads for Dogs

  • Made of high-tech cooling fiber
  • Folds effortlessly
  • Lightweight

PetPlus cooling mat is made of high-tech fiber-cooling materials, which uses polyester textiles with a higher refrigeration effect. It allows our dogs to stay cool for up to 12 hours, offering a cool spot for our dog year-round.

This dog cooling pad features high-tech nylon fabric which is characterized by soft hand-feel and bright color. It’s an easy solution for panting dogs that struggle to stay cool during hot summer months.

This ideal large size cooling mat is specially designed for dogs weighing between 10 – 70 lbs. It comes with a two years guarantee!, Refund and free replacements.

Arf Pets Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad for Kennel

Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad

  • Provides Continuous Relief Up to 3 Hours
  • Prevents Overheating & Dehydration
  • Versatile Mat Design

ARF Pet Self Cooling mat automatically provides continuous relief for up to 3 hours, this multifaceted Mat Design Soothes & Prevents Dehydration In dogs.

ARF dog mat is latex-free with no toxic material, 100% safe for animals, adults, and children.  Also, the Strong gel construction is extremely durable and ideal for travel and rapid storage, 

Coleman Pressure Activated Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad Mat

Coleman Pressure Activated Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Pad Mat

  • Stays 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperatures
  • Needs no refrigeration or electricity
  • Non-toxic

To keep your dog comfortable, The Coleman Pet Cooling Mat stays 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature, it’s easy to clean, and features a non-toxic stay cool gel. You can use this dog cooling mat anywhere. The lightweight design makes it ideal for travel, and it can be used by itself, in a dog bed, inside the car, or in a pet carrier.

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