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Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Fleas ?

There is nothing worse than having a flea infestation. But before you call your local exterminator, a quality bug spray like Ortho Home Defense may be all you need to terminate the problem and go to sleep soundly again.

An effective bug spray will help kill fleas and eggs in and around your home and prevent any future insects from visiting your property. All you need to do is spray the repellent in and around your home and allow the area to dry before children and pets re-enter.

Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Fleas

Ortho home defense max bug Killer is a fast-acting, Ready-to-Use Pest Killer, It’s designed for interior and exterior and can quickly kill and prevent fleas, mites, and about 130 other types of insects.

Once it has treated your home, the invisible shield barrier technology will create a protective barrier to prevent other bugs from crawling into your house.

how does ortho home defense work

The Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray couldn’t be easier to use; simply spray it around your home’s doors, windows, perimeters, and wherever else you commonly see bugs. It is completely odor free, non-staining, and quick-drying.

With this convenient spray, you can have peace of mind that fleas will not return for up to one year. It is pet-safe once dry, so just make sure to keep pets and children out until the spray has dried. It is backed by outstanding online reviews and Ortho’s satisfaction guarantee.

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