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Why do Pitbulls smile

Pitbull, also known as American Pit Bull Terrier, is typically famous for dog bites, dog fighting, and hunting purposes. With time, people have changed their perspectives towards Pit bulls as they are friendly, loyal dogs or nanny dogs. As dog owners, I find that they are very gentle with children and make great family dogs that stay with you. They want a lot of attention from their owners and you should take care of your pit bull.

There is a myth going around us that Pitbulls are aggressive dogs or dangerous and violent dogs. But most of the Pitbulls are friendly, loving, devoting, and loyal. When a Pitbull is smiled or open mouth with a grin, it shows that he is calm and relaxed rather than aggressive. You can also make eye contact in a gentle way to introduce a gentle connection.
Does animal laugh?

For a long time, many people thought that only humans can laugh. Now, research has shown that other animals can also laugh and change facial expressions in the same way as human smile. Different animals such as dogs, chimpanzees, rats, and gorillas can smile. Usually, they smile to make a connection or bond with humans. Likewise, pit bull as a dog breed is uncommon to be known as smiling dog.

Does Pitbull really smile?

Mostly, Pit bull owners believe that grin is associated with a dog’s happiness. Also, the grin is also included other behaviors such as tail wagging, soft eyes, and floppy ears. The pit bulls start smiling when they are happy. Obviously, this logic applies to other dogs as well.

There is some false information in the media that Pitbull is aggressive and they are just only violent. This information is misleading the people and causes fear in people towards Pitbulls. Not all dogs are aggressive, actually, Pit bulls are the loving breeds that can even smile to make you happy. When they feel relaxed and express their love and affection to their owner by showing their dogs smile.

Therefore, pit bull’s smile is linked with a dog’s happiness and they have unique abilities to communicate with humans. This is the main reason due to which scientists prefer to experiment on dogs with their owners to get study social communications.

Moreover, science still does know whether this smile is a spontaneous, natural way or it is the message sent from the dog to the dog owners.

Pit bull is a nanny dog?

Pitbull’s laugh sound

All types of laughter are made by inhalation and exhalation processes. In humans, the muscles of the chest squeeze, and the air is out from the rib cage that produces a “ha ha” sound.

In contrast with humans, the Pit bull laughter is made of quick breaths without any vocalization. So, the sound is produced which is “hhuh hhah”.

Some dog owners try to make mimic of dog’s laugh sound to build a strong bond with the dog. For that, you have to round your lips to produce the sound “hhuh” and then the mouth to produce “hhah” sound. It makes the sound that is not actual voicing but dogs think they are panting.

Some dog owners demonstrated the dog’s body language such as wagging tail and sitting up is the sign that their pit bulls are happy or are smiling.

Some reasons why does dog smile?

There are plenty of reasons that indicate that your pit bull is smiling because they are happy at that moment. Also, you can observe through their facial expressions if they are smiling or not.

Having pit bull is good for your mental health. If you have a Pit bull, you can see his smile that removes all you worry. It is true that dogs smile is your real happiness.

Moreover, they smile because they have learned that what makes you happy and how to get the thing they want. That way most dogs would smile just to get family members’ attention and get their treat.

When you hug or cuddle your pit bull when he is smiling, it shows them that you become happy thanks to his smile, so they start smiling to make you happy, even more. Often, pit bull laughs for your attentiveness and your love.

Ideas that make your Pitbull happy

Here are some ideas that can make dogs happy and they start smiling:

Playtime with your dog:

Most pets love to play with their owners. So, you should play different games with your Pit bull that makes him happy. In these games, you can do the chasing, play bow or run away, encourage your dog to jump up and lunge. It is also interesting to play fetch with your Pitbull. In fetch, you just need to throw a ball and the dog will run and bring the ball for you. Do enjoy play time with your pitbull and especially when they are just puppies (it’s more fun and you build a stronger bond).

Food toys:

The use of food toys also makes your dog happy. When you prefer food toys to give treats to your dog. It makes him smile and happy. You have to ensure that if your Pit bull gets a food toy for the first time, it should be easy otherwise it can make your dog frustrated.

Positive reinforcement training:

You should reward your Pit bull during training. Even if you can use positive reinforcement when he is smiling. You can praise him so that he will smile again. But you have to start positive reinforcement in training during the early age of your Pit bull.

Take your dog out for a treat:

Your dog can be pleased when you take him out for a treat. For instance, if you know the favorite food of your Pit bull, you have to take him out and then entertain him by giving him that special food. It will make your Pit bull happy and make him smile. Your Pitbull may like Cupcakes or Puppucinos, when he gets that he will smile and make you happy.

Final words:

This article explains that why do Pitbulls smile. Normally, Pitbulls are famous as bully breeds but you may be wonder by knowing that these dogs smile. There are multiple reasons that make your Pit bull laugh. Many people don’t know the fact that dogs can smile. When they are happy and show their love for you, they will express it by smiling. It is the symbol of relaxation and calmness when your Pit bull smile.

If you did not notice your dog’s smile yet, you have to make your dog happy and then see how peaceful is when your dog is smiling and shows happiness with dog’s body language .

why do pit bull smiles
Why do pit bulls smile?

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