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Best 5 Essential oils For Fleas On dogs in 2020

Many pet owners prefer using essential oils for fleas on dogs over flea medications to get rid of fleas; the oils are natural and aren’t toxic to your four-legged companion or family members when applied rightly.

Recently, more people have been noticing that essential oils have significant applications, such as repelling fleas and even killing these annoying little parasites.

Fleas can be a cause of great distress or annoyance for you and your dog.  Flea bites cause skin irritation, itching and hot spot to your dog, moreover, they can easily hide in your furniture, carpets, rugs, and every part of your house, which makes getting rid of fleas a hard task. 

Some dogs are allergic to flea’s saliva, which puts them at risk for having skin irritations and even anemia. There are various flea treatments for dogs on the market; most of them contain harmful toxins and chemicals; that’s why dog owners are looking for safer and natural flea remedies and treatments.

Best essential oils for fleas on dogs

Dogs respond really well to the treatments essential oils offer and they can be used safely for everything, from fleas to bumps and bruises.

Peppermint Essential Oil For Fleas

Peppermint Essential Oil For Fleas

  • 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Verified by an independent lab
  • Sweet, mint aroma

Peppermint is an excellent oil that repels fleas and smells good too.

Peppermint is a potent oil, so you need to be a caution to ensure that it is correctly diluted before application. It is best to start with a thin solution and build up if needed.

Dilute peppermint oil with apple cider vinegar and water, Pour the solution in a spray bottle and apply it directly on your dog or around your house.

Another efficient way to use peppermint oil is by mixing it with coconut oil, rub it thoroughly on your dog’s coat to soothe irritation, and relieve skin irritation caused by flea bites.

Will peppermint oil kill fleas?  

Peppermint oil doesn’t kill fleas, but it will kill flea larvae.

Please do not use peppermint on small dogs and cats.

Cedarwood Texas Essential Oil 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Cedarwood Texas Essential Oil

  • Natural Beneficial Properties
  • Supports Skin Nourishment
  • Premium Therapeutic Grade

Cedarwood or cedar oil Latin name “Cedrus Atlantica or Deoara” is best known for its powerful ability to repel and kill pests like fleas.

This powerful essential oil for fleas on dogs has a wide range of beneficial properties including being an antiseptic for the lungs and an expectorant for coughs like a kennel cough.

Cedarwood oil stimulates blood circulation and it’s good for resolving stiffness in dogs that commonly occurs with increasing age, as well as arthritis and back pain.

It may also help eliminate dandruff strength, kidney function, and it can be used as a general calming tonic, especially for nervous aggression.

Naturenics Premium Lavender Essential Oil – 100% Therapeutic Grade

Naturenics Premium Lavender Essential Oil

  • Natural Beneficial Properties
  • Supports Skin Nourishment
  • Premium Therapeutic Grade

Lavender oil (Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia) is considered one of the most versatile essential oils for fleas on dogs creating a sense of peace and harmony.

Lavender oil is a soothing and calming oil to help heal sore inflamed areas, burns or wounds. It is often used to deter fleas or to fight allergies

This oil is soothing to the central nervous system and can only be used effectively to help a dog get used to a safe space.

It can ease car ride anxiety and car sickness as well as help with allergies and insomnia.  A study in 2006 found that using lavender essential on dogs reduced their movement and vocalization during travel.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Pure Certified Organic Therapeutic Grade

Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade
  • Gc/ms Tested And Certified
  • Repels fleas and pests

Lemongrass oil is one of the best essential oils for fleas on dogs, it also repels ticks and mosquitoes due to its high citral and geraniol content; it can also be used to kill fleas and cures itching in dogs.

Add 2-3 drops of Lemongrass oil to water in a spray bottle and then apply the spray to your pet’s coat and massage through, not only will it keep those ticks and fleas away, but it can also improve the condition of your dog’s skin. 

Citronella Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil

Citronella Essential Oil

  • Protects your dog from fleas and pests
  • Naturally refreshing
  • Supports healthy coat

Citronella oil is also known for its insect-repelling abilities, don’t use those chemical-filled store-bought citronella candles though.

When you think of citronella oil, you probably picture a candle burning on a humid summer’s evening keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Not only it will keep ticks and fleas away, but Citronella oil is very effective on a species of mosquito known as Aedes Aegypti whose bite causes the dreaded yellow fever. 

If your dog shows an adverse reaction to a specific kind of oil, don’t use it, keep a journal of any responses your dog shows and always refine your essential oil flea sprays.

Citronella oil is considered to be non-toxic when used in small amounts.

How to safely apply essential oils for fleas on dogs

While essential oils for fleas on dogs are an excellent natural method to get rid of fleas, some oils shouldn’t be applied to small dogs. 

Please ensure that the oil you’re using is safe for you and your pet before application.

Also, avoid using undiluted oils on your dog or yourself as it can be hazardous and may expose your dog to skin inflammations.

Always use a carrier oil to dilute the essential oils before applying them on your pet.

Types of carrier oils:

  • Avocado Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil

It’s more advisable to talk to your veterinarian before using any essential oils for fleas on dogs to make sure that it’s safe and harmless for your pet.


Despite their effectiveness, using essential oils for fleas on dogs alone is not enough to get rid of fleas, you should also consider using other flea and tick prevention products for dogs.

A dog with a healthy coat and a robust immune system is a bad host for fleas, so if your dog is infested with these parasites, you may need to take an in-depth look into the overall health of your pooch.

Start with food; you may be feeding your dog something that he is allergic to, which in result, weakens the immune system and expose your dog to be the perfect host for fleas.

The best way to eliminate fleas is to prevent them in the first place, for example, using flea combs and vacuuming your house can be very useful to stop the spread of fleas.

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