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How to Make a Natural Homemade Flea Trap ( Easy Guide)

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In the recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of many flea treatments and preventatives, most of them won’t cause any harm to your dog, but you should always take caution because some dogs are allergic to flea bites, if that’s the case, your dog may suffer from constant itching, skin irritation and hot spots.

Pet owners often claim that no matter how much they try to get rid of fleas, they always end up finding these parasites everywhere, that’s why, we highly recommend you to start using a homemade flea trap. You can either make a Homemade Flea Trap or buy an electric flea trap.

Do homemade flea traps Work?

Have you ever wondered, how fleas find their host? Well, just like mosquitos, fleas use heat, movement and Co2 detection to locate their host.

Flea trap mimics the heat that a dog’s body produces to attract adult fleas, then kill them with a restraining device or catch them on a sticky trap. So yes, homemade flea traps do work.

Are homemade flea traps safe for your pet?

In general, a homemade flea trap doesn’t represent any harm to your dog. However, puppies and cats are overly curious, so they may get close to it, while in most cases, adult dogs won’t show any interest.

The worst thing that could happen is having some glue stuck on your pet’s paw, which can be challenging to remove. If that occurs, wash it off, you probably won’t be able to remove all the glue at once, but with time, dirt will loosen up the sticky material, and it will be removed by itself.

When it comes to flea traps, placing the device in the right place can be extremely helpful to get rid of fleas fast.

Some of the best places to put the device are:

  • Where your pet eats
  • Where your pet sleeps
  • Near the doorway

Always move the flea trap to a different location if you don’t notice any changes.

How to make a homemade flea trap?

DIY Flea Traps are easy to make, they’re practical and don’t cost money. Making these flea traps doesn’t require much time, so you can make as many as you need and place them in different areas of your house where fleas frequent the most.

homemade flea trap

The first step is mixing two tablespoons of dish soap and water in a wide bowl; you can also use pie dishes and large plates to catch jumping fleas.

If you’re not sure what dish soap to use, we suggest using Dawn dish soap, it’s a powerful flea killer, and many readers claim that it works very well.

After mixing dawn dish soap and water, gently put a battery operated tea light candle in the middle of the bowl.

The whole process takes about 1 minute, so make as many homemade flea traps as you need and place them in different areas of your house where you have a high concentration of fleas.

Electric Flea traps

Electric flea traps have a small housing that contains a gluey cover. The sticky surface blocks flea’s movement when they land on it.

Most of these electric traps attract fleas by providing heat and light; therefore, it’s most beneficial to place them in a dark place to achieve better results.

Some flea traps release a smell that attracts fleas. Using electric flea traps means that you will need to replace the sticky mat on a reasonably regular basis.

Certain products are capable of attracting fleas from up to 25 feet away.

Best electric Flea traps:

To help you chose a convenient and efficient electric flea trap, here is my review of the Top 4 electric flea traps in the market.

Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

  • Non poisonous, odorless flea trap
  • Attracts fleas from 30 Feet aways
  • Super grabber glue

Vector flea trap doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or chemicals; it’s handy and safe to use, also, it’s powerful in catching other insects such as mosquitoes which would be great for this summer.

Please keep in mind that the effectiveness of Electric flea traps is highly related to your environment and home situation, however, the majority of people had success using this one.

BioCare Indoor Flea Trap

BioCare Indoor Flea Trap

  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free
  • Permanent indoor flea trap
  • Made in the USA

BioCare is a bit different; it seems to be more effective than many other devices since it got more positive feedbacks.

BioCare Indoor Flea Trap contains nontoxic material, so it’s very safe for your pooch, besides, the manufacturer claims that it can attract fleas from 25 feet away.

The only issue reported by people who use Biocare is it comes with a relatively short cord, but you can always buy an extension cord if needed.

Aspectek HR2311X2 Sticky Dome flea Insect Trap

ASPECTEK Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap

  • Uses heat and light to attract fleas
  • Natural and child and pet-friendly
  • Assembled and ready to use

Aspectek is a high-performance trap that can remove your flea problem, and it’s safe to use around kids and pets since it doesn’t require any toxic materials.

The gluey flea trap will attract fleas and other insects from a range of 50 feet by using heat and light and then catches the flea with the sticky pad. The product is completely assembled and ready for use.

Happy Jack Flea Beacon

Happy Jack Flea Beacon
  • DETECTS AND LURES FLEAS. Fleas are lured to...
  • BREAK BREEDING CYCLE. Break the breeding...
  • PLUG IN AND WALK AWAY. Plug electrical cord...
  • SINCE 1946. MADE IN USA. Trust the name that...

What makes the happy jack unique from other electric flea traps is the fast results.

Customers claim that they were able to catch fleas on the very first day of using this device.

The design is simple, the price is reasonable, and also, it comes with seven replacements while other traps only come with 1 or 2.

Are Electric flea traps effective?

From our experience, it appears that these traps do work and most of the customers are happy and satisfied.

Just like homemade flea traps, all the electric flea traps mentioned above are non-toxic and won’t cause any harm to your pet, especially if it’s a medium or a large dog.

However, if you own a cat or a small dog, you should be aware that they might be curious about the device, so make sure to block access to the trap for them and your young children also.

Electric flea traps are not designed to eliminate fleas permanently, even If you notice a considerable change, monthly flea pills and veterinary care will always be necessary.

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